Who We Are

Future Milez, part of TASC Outsourcing is headquartered in DMCC, Dubai. Since 2008, TASC has been shaking up the Gulf’s recruitment industry, delivering innovative, effective hiring solutions to businesses of all types and sizes.

With the rise in demand for delivery riders and drivers, Future Milez was launched in 2021. Today, we have evolved into a preferred last-mile delivery partner for some of the largest brands in the United Arab Emirates; from a wide range of industries including retail, grocery, fashion and consumer electronics.

We are distinguished by better client service and innovation while also ensuring fair practice for our riders and drivers.

We ensure that our riders and drivers are fully compliant and meet our strict SLAs while also caring for their well-being through timely salaries and comprehensive health-care coverage. This has resulted in a happier team and satisfied clients.


Our Vision

To build an inspiring, innovative and global company that provides high quality people solutions, delivered with unbeatable service to its customers. To do this by providing an environment for learning, growth and advancement for its employees.


Company Values

The fundamental principles of the company drive our operations. Our five core values guide all current and future actions.



At Future Milez, trust is the natural result of every tiny action, word, thought and intention.



Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. It is about bringing together three key value drivers : creativity, intelligence and connectedness.



Being different can make all the difference in a business. At Future Milez, we dare to be different this helps us carve out our own niche and stand out from the competition.



By being friendly and focusing on the voice of the customer, we are able to identify their most important needs and expectations.



At Future Milez, we are fast and quick to deliver. We have got the right talent to speedily meet all your business needs.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Through Innovation, We Aim To Create A Better Society One Drive At A Time.
Future Milez is dedicated to ethical business practices for our valued riders, drivers and clients.
Through innovation, we can create a positive difference on a local scale.

We have focused on 4 key components of United Nations
Sustainable Development Agenda which are as follows:

  • Good Health & Well-Being
  • Zero Hunger
  • Responsible Consumption & Production
  • Reduced Inequalities

Launching eco-friendly vehicle in partnership with Majid Al Futtaim to promote responsible consumption & production goal.


We plan to add female riders to our fleet in the near future.